London Paintings 1985-2008

During the summer 2008 I revisited two old wall paintings of mine and was surprised to find them both aging gracefully and completely untouched apart from some slight soiling. I was delighted to see that they had quietly with a certain dignity become part of the local street scene and community.

WinRd June 1985 WRd08 2008

Windsor Road Mural The full size elevation drawing incorporates different "levels of reality" and the hidden "root-two" proportions of Georgian house into the environmental improvements scheme commissioned by the London Borough of Islington .

Stratford November 1985 Strat08 2008

Stratford Office Village Mural The painting deals with the architects Elsom Pack & Roberts Architects projection and intervention onto the real concrete space in Stratford East London. It shows the architects illustrations against a backdrop of local features eg the church spire.


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