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Mostly filmed in Japan Artscape Select is a unique DVD presentation containing a collection of 140+ mini-movies. Artscape Select locates art, architecture, landscape and health care design in the context of present day Japan. An evolving programme it features two main strands: Project Japan presenting art in the context of architecture and the built environment and Nature of Health Design, an initiative to bring nature nearer to the user.

Assembled as an educational resource Artscape Select contains over four hours of video and is available for public presentation and exhibition display purposes only – It is not for general release.

Artscape Select is presented in three phases;
A Project Japan Set
DVD1 Art-Media in Context. 
DVD2 Building Refinement.
DVD3 Tadao Ando Collection
DVD4 Ito & Shingu 
DVD5 Traditional & Post Meiji Japan
B- Nature of Health Design
DVD6 Nature of Healing Art in UK & Japan
DVD9 AfH Japan Study Tour 2005
C Specialised Compilations 
DVD7 Nature of Japanese Architecture
DVD8 UK Select
DVD Bristol Art-Media in Context

Several compilations are available and selections may be tailored according to the client’s criteria.

Artscape Select is launched to mark a ten year association with Japan, since the first visit in 1993.
A Project Japan the documentary stage was largely produced between 1996 and 2004
It features buildings by renowned contemporary architects such as Tadao Ando and Toyo Ito with work by other leading or emerging architectsmany of which remain unseen in the west. It also presents examples of Classical Japanese architecture and gardens.
B Nature of Health Design:-
A developing theme Nature of Health Design is concerned with settings that engage healthcare users with the benefits of nature. It focuses on the distinctive relationship to nature in Japan, and how this can contribute to the production of buildings designed to promote a sense of wellbeing. Launched in June 2003 it accompanies “Nature of Healing Art”, a national touring exhibition comparing new hospital projects in the UK and Japan. For details see appendix. 
The latter sections are more specialised and include the Nature of Japanese Architecture and public projects in the UK by Japanese artists. A range of specific compilations are currently in development, which are tailored to compliment the event.

Artscape Select - Full Details

A Project Japan 
DVD1 Art Media in Context.  (Includes 28 movies 44mins)
The under-lying theme is art in relation to architecture DVD1 contains a range of art-media in the urban context, with examples of art-landscapes such as the Site of Reversible Destiny and Fog Forest in Showa Park.
Parks and Nature
Memorial Peace Park Hiroshima Architect Kenzo Tange,
Nagasaki Peace Park
Sogetsu Art Centre Isamu Noguchi/ Kenzo Tange,
Two Tokyo Rock Gardens by Shunmyo Masuno,
Fog Forest Showa Park Atsushi Kitagawara,
Site of Reversible Destiny Arakawa & Madelane Gins 4m,
Tsuremai Koen  Nagoya
Urban Installations
Faret-Tachikawa  Curator Fram Kitagawa 4m
Osaka Projects 4m,
Edo Bridges Osaka
Tokyo International Forum Raphael Vinoly,
JT Japan Tobacco Building Nikken Sekkei,
Shibuya Station Plaza
Kobe Experimental Film
Theme & Display
Jigoku Hells Beppu,
Meguro Gajo-en Hotel Nikken Sekkei
Ohara Museum of Art
Topos3  Exhibition
Ozone Living Design exhibition Shinjuku Park Tower
Washi Installation

DVD2 Building Refinement (23 movies 52mins).
Famous projects like the Sony Building by Kisho Kurokawa, Hillside Terrace by Fumihiko Maki and Waterglass House by Kengo Kuma, amongst structures by many other less well known designers.
Mass Urbanisation
Sky Garden Umeda
Hillside Terrace Fumiko Maki,
KAP. Kumamoto Art Polis, 4m
Tojuso Apartments Osaka
Landmark Tower Mirai21 Yokohama
Nagasaki Ferry Terminal Shin Takamatsu
JR Rail Pass to Japan
Signature Buildings
Sony Building Osaka  Kisho Kurokawa
Umeda Sky Building Osaka Hiroshi Hara,
Tokyo Icons
Osaka Icons
Aoyama Technical College Makoto Sei Watanabe
Scala, Santo & Rise Atsuchi Kitagawara
Aria Kofu Atsushi Kitagawara,
Fish Dance Kobe Port
To include Showcase Regeneration and Kazuyo Sejima Dior Store.)
Sanctuary & Regeneration
Imperial Hotel Frank Lloyd Wright
Tokyo memorial to the War dead Takafumi Aida.
Waterglass House Atami Kengo Kuma 4m,
Sukiya-yu Residence Katsuhiro Ishii
Spiral Building Fumihiko Maki
Church of Christ Fumihiko Maki,
Sumida Culture Factory Itsuko Hasegawa,
Fruit Museum Itsuko Hasegawa,

DVD3 Tadao Ando Collection (19 projects 49mins)
Dedicated to the public work of the Osaka architect, it includes the Benesse Art Site Naoshima and the recently completed Manchester Piccadilly Gardens redevelopment.
Awaji Shima Temple 4mins,
Chapel on the Water 4m,
Chapel on Mount Rokko Kobe,
Chikatsu Asuka Museum 4m,
Benesse House Naoshima 4m,
Hyogo Childrens Centre,
Childrens Museum  Hyogo,
Himeji Museum of Literature,
Suntory Museum Osaka
Oyamasaki Museum Kyoto,
Nariwa Municipal Museum ,
Gojo City Museum,
Garden of Fine Art Kyoto,
Galleria Akka
Collezione Tokyo
Rokko Flats Kobe.
Piccadilly Gardens Regeneration  Manchester
(To include Dojunkai Apartments Regeneration.)

DVD4 Ito & Shingu (15 films 34mins)
Presents a collection of buildings by architect Toyo Ito, and mobile installations by artist Susumu Shingu.
Toyo Ito Collection  includes
Sendai Mediatheque 4m, 
Sendai Mediatheque  (digital)
Yatsushiro Municipal Museum,
Yatsushro Firestation,
Sapporo Brewery Guest House Hokkaido,
Shimosuwa Municipal Museum,
Toyo Ito Selection,
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2002.
(To include Tods Tokyo Store.)
Susumu Shingu Selection
Rhythms of Nature
Water Garden  
Ohdori Park Nagoya
Osaka Science Museum
Kaleidoscope Building Osaka
Kansai Airport
Birth of Sky Mobile Livingston

DVD5 Traditional & Post Meiji Japan (21 films 41mins)
An introduction to Traditional & Post Meiji Japanese architecture and gardens with Edo period townscapes.
Places of Ritual
Haniwa Funerary Collection
Izumo Shrine,
Itsukushima Shrine  Miyajima
Fushimi Inari Shrine.
Shitennoji Temple Osaka,
Garden Sanctuaries
Roanji Rock Garden,
Shoden Ji Garden,
Kinkakuju  Pavilion,
Shugakuin  Imperial Villa Kyoto,
Sukiya -  Abode of Fancy
Tai an Teahouse,
Joan Teahouse, 
Manshu in  Kyoto,
Ninomaru Shogun’s Palace,
The Philosophers House Himeji,
Japanese Homes,
Edo Street-scene
Machiya Row Houses Gion,
Bikan District Kurashiki City,
Civic Buildings  Meiji Mura,
San-machi Suchi Takayama
Yoshijima-ke House Takayama,
Kasukabe Mingei-kan Takayama

DVD6 Nature of Health Design (26projects 50mins)
Part of an initiative to bring natural phenomena nearer to the patient’s experience.
Recent Hospitals in Japan 16mins
St Lukes Tokyo, 
Kawasaki Municipal, 
Suwa Central, 
Elderly Home Kyoto,
Amakusa Rehabilitation Clinic,
Hekinan Hospital,
Tamanabu Regional Hospital,
Osaka City Hospital Art Project,
Nature of Health Design UK  Hospitals 16mins
Royal Devon & Exeter,
Dorset County,
St Mays Isle of Wight,
St Georges London,
Chelsea & Westminster,
Whittington Hospital,
Royal Childrens Hospital Bristol,
Homeopathic Hospital Glasgow
Complementary & Community Health Care UK 19mins 
Lambeth Community Care,
Pulross Centre Lambeth, 
Greenwich Peninsula,
Maggie’s Centre Edinburgh, 
Maggie’s Centre Glasgow,.
Dawlish Community Hospital
Okehampton Centre For Health,
Faith House  Tony Fretton
Ystradgynlais Wales,
Chiddenbrook Surgery,

C Specialised Compilations
DVD7 Nature of Japanese Architecture
This recent DVD compilation demonstrates approaches through a range of building types to bring the benefits of nature nearer to the user’s experience. Compiled as part of the Nature of Health Design study, it presents 24 projects arranged into six categories, each defined within a traditional typography.
DVD7 Nature of Japanese Architecture (62mins 28projects)
Places of Ritual
Izumo Shrine
Awaji Shima Temple 4mins,
Chapel on the Water 4m,
War Dead Memorial Takafumi Aida.
Sanctuary Gardens
Shoden ji Kyoto
Sogetsu Art Centre Isamu Noguchi/ Kenzo Tange
Two Tokyo Rock Gardens by Shunmyo Masuno,
Fog Forest Showa Park Atsushi Kitagawara,
The Teahouse
Joan Teahouse
Paper Tea House Bleddfa Shigeru Ban,
House of Stories House Bleddfa Tono Mirai,
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion  .
Engaging Landscape
Shugakuin  Imperial Villa Kyoto, 
Chikatsu Asuka Museum 4m,
Naoshima Museum of Contemporary Art 4m,
Site of Reversible Destiny Arakawa & Madelane Gins 4m,
Abode of Refinement
Manshu in - Sukiya Style,
Sukiya-yu Residence Katsuhiro Ishii,
Sapporo Brewery Visitors Centre Hokkaido,
Waterglass House Atami Kengo Kuma 4m
Yoshijima House Takayama,
Sendia Media-theque  Toyo Ito,
Sky Building Umida Osaka Hiroshi Hara,
Fruit Museum Itsuko Hasegawa,

DVD8 UK Select  (15projects 30mins.)
An evolving programme featuring the public works by Japanese artist in the UK
Garden Retreats
Gateway of the Imperial Messenger Royal Botanical Gardens Kew
The Real Japanese Garden Welsh Royal Botanical Gardens
House of Stories House Bleddfa Artist Tono Mirai,
Minka House Royal Botanical Gardens Kew
Piccadilly Gardens Regeneration Manchester Architect Tadao Ando
Okehampton Centre For Health, Artist Tsutomu Kasai
Corporate Identity
Welsh Royal Botanical Gardens Norman Foster & Kathryn Gustafson
Birth of Sky Mobile Livingston Artist Susumu Shingu
Sky Dance  RAF Museum  Artist Kisa Kawakami.
BBC Media Centre Installation Paintings Yuko Shiraishi
Temporary Installations
Inside-Out Installation Artist Tadashi Kawamata
Paper Log Cabin Architect Shigeru Ban
Dome Art Selection, Various artists
Paper Tea House Bleddfa Architect Shigeru Ban,
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2002.Architect Toyo Ito

DVD9 AfH Japan Study Tour 2005 (11projects 22mins)
Features seven health care and two regeneration projects
(including Basle and Baden Hospitals 2004)
Health care In Japan
St Lukes
Aichi Childrens Health and Medical Centre
Nagoya University Hospital Treatment Centre Roof
Tokyo Rinkai Hospital
Saitama Prefecture University
Kawasaki Municipal Hospital
Katta General Hospital
Tokyo Regeneration
Showcare Regeneration
Dojunkai Apartments
Basle & Baden Hospitals 2004
Baden Baden Hospital
Basle Kantonsspital

Artscape Japan - Art Media in Context
Artscape Japan locates art, architecture, and landscape in the context of present day Japan.

Assembled in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake it features projects by renowned contemporary architects Tadao Ando and Toyo Ito along with artist Susumu Shingu and work by other leading practitioners a number of whom have recently completed commissions in the UK. Artscape Japan contains a range of art-media in the urban context, with exceptional art-landscapes such as the Site of Reversible Destiny and Fog Forest.

Including 26 movies over 62minutes, the current DVD programme has been assembled especially for Bristol.
Art Media in Context contains five sections, as follows:
Streetscape 6 films
Fish Dance Kobe Architect Frank Gehry
Shibuya Station Plaza Tokyo
Faret-Tachikawa  Curator Fram Kitagawa 4m
Tokyo International Forum Architect Raphael Vinoly,
Sendai Mediatheque Architect Toyo Ito 4m, 
Piccadilly Gardens  Manchester Architect Tadao Ando
Mercantile 5 films
Meguro Gajo-en Hotel Tokyo Architect Nikken Sekkei
JT Japan Tobacco Building Tokyo Architect Nikken Sekkei,
Umeda Sky Building Osaka Architect Hiroshi Hara,
Kansai Airport Artist Susumu Shingu
Birth of Sky Mobile Livingston Artist Susumu Shingu
Ritual & Sanctuary 5
Sogetsu Art Centre Artist Tokyo Isamu Noguchi/ Kenzo Tange,
Two Tokyo Rock Gardens Artist Shunmyo Masuno,
Fog Forest Tachikawa Architect Atsushi Kitagawara,
Memorial to the War Dead Tokyo  Architect Takafumi Aida.
Garden of Fine Art Kyoto, Architect Tadao Ando
Teahouse - Abode of Refinement 5
Waterglass House Atami Architect Kengo Kuma 4m,
Sapporo Brewery Guest House Architect Toyo Ito
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2002 London Architect Toyo Ito
Paper Tea House Architect Bleddfa Architect Shigeru Ban
House of Stories House Bleddfa Artist Tono Mirai,
Engaging Landscape 6
Rhythms of Nature Artist Sanda Susumu Shingu
Water Garden Sanda Artist Susumu Shingu
Ohdori Park Nagoya Artist Susumu Shingu
Site of Reversible Destiny Gifu Artist Arakawa & Madelane Gins 4m,
Benesse House Naoshima Architect Tadao Ando 4m,

Venue & Dates The DVD presentation Art Media in Context  The Architecture Centre Narrow Quay Bristol BS1
Dates 17th August to 12th September 2004

Produced by Graham Cooper
Chair of Art & Architecture  UK

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