Vision for Sidmouth Seafront Plan

Port Royal

Considering the future development of both the eastern town area, the presentation includes the regeneration of the Port Royal and the Ham Lane car park.

Eastern Town Development  A proposal for a sustainable and pedestrian oriented development, to be achieved by the introduction of two new interlinked pedestrian spaces, the reintroduction of historic streets at the Ham car park and a paved crescent at the end of the Esplanade. Massed around the street pattern are mixed use residential and commercial spaces with the community cultural functions overlooking the Ham and opening directly onto the seafront. The scale of the development is consistent with the existing urban fabric, it is orientation to suit the grain of the town and for passive solar gain.

Port Royal

Proposed is a scheme presenting a significant social and cultural asset, accommodation for the use and enjoyment of the community whilst adding diversity to the visitor's experience providing a lasting impression of the resort. Occupying a beautiful and important geographical location this significant community and cultural complex will be a mixed development in which to live, work and play.

Cultural Quarter Plan

The scale and massing of the development is consistent with the existing buildings and surroundings landscape. Towards the river and overlooking the Ham it will be sensitively nested into the outstanding natural habitat. The main entrances to the cultural centre will open directly onto the newly paved area on the seafront and is linked to improved pedestrian access in the Ham Lane vicinity. To reduce physical impact, the upper floors of the complex are stepped back with a single storey observation deck, the belvedere projected forward to offer an unobstructed vista up the esplanade and along the coast. The centre consists of a cluster of spaces with sheltered public areas of generous proportions. To maximize the basement floor area and to provide extra protection from potential flooding the major amenities are elevated above a podium. Taking advantage of solar gain the centre provide a winter garden and sun terrace sheltered from the colder northern offshore winds.

The above was presentated to the Vision for Sidmouth Group September 2008.

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