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Statement for the Forum on Healing Environment FHE and the Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan HEAJ Symposium "From Sick Buildings to Health Care Buildings"

Introducing natural phenomena for the benefit of the patient.

The UK Healing Arts presentation was prepared for the Forum on Healing Environments FHE, to coincide with the Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan HEAJ Symposium "From Sick Buildings to Health Care Buildings" during the Hospex exhibition at the Big Sight Tokyo in November 2002

Health Facilities, which promote well-being, must be a primary concern to carers and designers. Certain factors support the patient's physical and emotional comfort, amongst which are personal dignity, a choice between privacy and social interaction, control over the immediate environment and access to information. It is also found the patient will benefit through contact with to the outside world and in particular clear views of the surrounding landscape. .Natural phenomena feed our senses and those who are denied access from its nourishment for a sustained period are likely to suffer stress leading to a negative effect on their immune system, and a decline in health. Orientation and tactile comfort require stimulation of the senses from environmental phenomena such as the rhythms of nature, the presence of water, the calming aroma of plants and reassuring sounds of wildlife. ...

The object is to explore creative solutions in connecting the perception and senses of the user to natural phenomena and the surrounding landscape. In preparation for the FHE and HEAJ symposium at Hospex 2002 key UK hospital art programmes were visited and for exhibition purposes a series of panels and six brief videos featuring Dorset County, St Mary's Isle of Wight, Lambeth Community Care and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals have been produced. This pilot study prepared by graham cooper provides a snapshot of possibilities from mobiles and water fountains to timber relief and dry-stone walls The panel presentation proceeds along the path of the patient experience to the point of care delivery. The Nature of 'Healing Arts' images feature art & craft installations, community participation, garden & landscape. Exhibition concepts and panels designs were developed from an earlier Main Entrance Study and Junko Iwaya MA research at MARU, South Bank University, London. It is hope to tour an exhibition Nature of Healing Arts to a number of leading UK Hospitals.in Spring 2003 .

Nature in Healthcare has been the subject of recent articles including Streets Ahead, Access Denied, Grounds for Improvement and Natural Philosophy for the UK based HD Magazine. Currently preparing articles on the Use of Nature in Primary Health Care and also artifices or buildings as mediators, which are ambient sensitive, and activated or animated by changes in weather or climatic conditions.

Background In September 2001 my involvement with the Recent Health Care Architecture in Japan symposium at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, brought together for the first time the Japan Institute of Architects JIHA and Architects For Health . In December it was a honour to present a lecture Bringing Nature Nearer to the Patients experience to the Department of Architecture at Tokyo University.


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