Spectral Waves

SPECTRAL WAVES Polychromatic Chords 

A study based on the interface between colour wheel theory and piano notes. “Spectral Waves” provides a bridge to cross media communications.

The research introduces a new graphic representation, relating piano chord arrangements to colour wheel charts, mapping a diverse range of palette selections throughout the full spectrum. Derived from piano chord notation a colour code system is introduced to improve visual communications. Charting tonal progressions through the application of hue patterns offers a new sequential configuration to recognise and interpret musical scores.

An illustrated companion equating musical notation with colour composition Spectral Waves Polychromatic Chords offers a series of useful palettes to budding artists and designers. The juxtaposition of musical tones, intervals and colour distribution will provide innovators with a distinct choice of palette combinations to improve legibility in their visual presentations. Principally a simple guide it will be most useful for producing all forms of computer graphic applications and creative media from animating storyboards to PowerPoint presentations. Through arranging the building blocks of colour this manual offers a spatial framework to the architecture of sound in the digital age.

Produced in 2011 by Harmonie Press  Format: A5, Pages 128, Price £11 incl UK P&P.

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