Leger - four slide-tape presentations

Poster Leger - The Later Years

Four programmes I produced with Doug Sargent and John Carter in the 80s are as follows.
Leger A Collective Art
The Art We Live In
The Mural Medium
Graham Cooper - Environmental Artist

Crowds thronged to see the major Fernand Leger - The Later Years exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and Doug Sargent and I were delighted to produced the video Leger A Collective Art.

"The Art We Live In" aims to introduce the viewer to a wide range of environmental artworks and to form a brief historical introduction to the subject.

Produced with John Carter "The Mural Medium" aims to improve the quality of contemporary murals, by examining the aesthetic elements which have made the best European murals successful. Examples range from monumental public artworks by well-known artists, to smaller scale murals by completely unknown painters.

Finally, "Graham Cooper - Environmental Artist." also with John Carter lasts just under seven minutes, and is in the form of a personal profile, describing four of my earlier architectural schemes.

The presentation of information in the videos is targeted at an audience ranging from secondary school children upwards.

Leger A Collective Art
Slide tape presented at the Fernand Leger – The Later Years exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery London Nov 1987 - February 1988 and subsequently at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart March – June 1988. It consists of commentary extracts from the Leger Essays. Machine Asthetic 11 1925, The Architect, The Painter 1933, Colour in the World 1938, Painting 1952 Colour in Architecture 1954, with voice overs by Eileen Murphy and Steve “Zack” Halliwell.  

The Art We Live In
An education production by Graham Cooper and Doug Sargent “The art we live in” is an Audio Visual production on the subject of art and architecture. An educational package twelve minutes long the programme is presented as a 3 projector slide show and is based on extensive research and documentation on public art in Europe. The slide show involves the use of a computer phasing installation which allows for numerous visual configurations offering a new potential in the use of still photography.

The 'Art we live in' includes 190 slides from our extensive public art archive showing many examples of which are little now outside the country of their origin. 'Ihe  commentary attempts to quickly introduce the viewer to a wide spectrum of environmental art, particularly the mural arts. There is a brief introduction and history, with sections on major Twentieth Century artists and works by less kown contemporary artists. The final section describes what can be done about the art in which we live.
This production is a follow up to the Painting the Town exhibition and the producers believe this programme is a wide ranging and entertaining as anything so far produced on the subject of architectural art. The concentrated presentation with its large amounts of visual stimulous will quickly immerse the viewer into issues and merits of this subject.