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“The juxtaposition of old and new, high and low in art, artifact and architecture produces special visual impact on readers, revealing the essence of Japanese culture. “ Fumihiko Maki
In this fascinating book, Graham Cooper evaluates contemporary Japanese architecture through its relationship to art. He explores Japan’s unique situation, which has allowed diverse forms of architecture to co-exist to an extent unparalleled in the rest of the world. Assembled in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, Project Japan is an evolving programme based on firsthand experience.

"Cooper's attempt is more persuasive than others in that it is based on detailed personal observation made during many hours spent walking about." Tadao Ando.

Located at the cusp of the century it marks a significant period when artist and designers in Japan regained confidence in their own distinctive cultural identity and personal awareness. The book consists of inter-related sections, Historical Influences, Building Refinement, Art Media in Context and there are personal accounts from the famous guests. Prefaced by Tadao Ando, other participants include Fumihiko Maki and Kisho Kurokawa with contributions from Makoto Sei Watanabe and Kengo Kuma. Project Japan also features buildings by such renowned contemporary architects as Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, Kazuo Sejima and Yoshio Taniguchi with schemes by other leading or emerging artists and designers. Project Japan was launched at the Embassy of Japan  

Published in 2009 by Images Format 260x260 mm, Pages 240

Launch - Transcending Boundaries Forum

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