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Project Japan is launched following an important period bridging the turn of the century. The documentation provides a unique snapshot of important projects in the immediate wake of Japan's extra-ordinary economic reconstruction. It marks a significant peak period in the history of the Japanese construction industry, creating considerable scope for design ingenuity and skilful application. A full colour introduction to art in the context of architecture, Project Japan features the personal accounts of five internationally known architects. Included are also buildings by such renowned contemporary architects as Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, Kazuyo Sejima and Yoshio Taniguchi with schemes by other leading or emerging architects and artists. Although the book is primarily located at the end of the millennium following the post war reconstruction, the historical context and the years of isolation during the Edo Period are not ignored. For key to our understanding of the current scene are traditional buildings, classical gardens and the historic townscape.

Project Japan features the work of over a hundred artists and designers including contributions by five internationally renowned architects. Prefaced by Tadao Ando, other participants include Fumihiko Maki and Kisho Kurokawa with contributions from Makoto Sei Watanabe and Kengo Kuma, Assembled in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake the Art Media in Context programme is based on first hand experience, It catalogues buildings from the Edo period through to important projects bridging the turn of the century. It celebrates a special time when artist in Japan regained their self-belief, rediscovering confidence in their own distinctive cultural identity.

Project Japan is an illustrated introduction to Architecture and Art Media based on personal studies and observations. The book consists of three main inter-related sections, the introduction, the catalogue and personal account. The catalogue contains three headings Historical References, Building Refinement and Art Media in Context each sub section accompanied by brief descriptions. The Personal Account section is split into two and includes essays by or about the guest contributors, with a collection of articles and presentations by the author. I have been observing the ways and means art in Japan, is related to construction and building spaces. The publication chronicles how through the imaginative application of materials, art is located within or applied to the fabric of buildings and where the architectural space itself is an artistic expression.


Project Japan is the product of a long journey, a sustained rolling programme relating to contemporary art and architecture in Japan. It has been achieved over a decade of a sustained commitment with more than a dozen research and documentation visits to the archipelago and an influential network of participants.

An evolving programme it benefits from an accumulation of articles, talks, DVD productions and a series of exhibitions assembled since the start of the millennium.

A full colour introduction to art in the context of architecture, Project Japan includes work by over 100 artists and designers.


ISBN: 978 1 86470 309 2
Published by: Images Publishing
Format: 254mm x 254mm
Binding: Casebound with jacket
Pages: 240
Illustrations: Full colour
In bookstores: May/June 2009

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