Painted Murals

PAINTED MURALS by Graham Cooper with photographer Doug Sargent

A full colour introduction to wall painting this book features the work of many artists and designers who were bringing art to the people in the UK and Europe. Contained within is a collection of essays and papers produced over several years on painted murals in relation to building spaces and public places. Painted Murals features historic masterpieces from the Renaissance through to the exterior paintings of the seventies and beyond. Although the exterior murals of the seventies are pivotal this study includes many examples of murals produced before and since. The book contains observations on the design of murals and details of the Painting the Town project, such as the lecture Directions in European Wall Paintings.

Contents include
Introduction Bringing Art to the People
Street Murals of the Seventies Chronology
Directions in European Wall Painting
Murals before and since the seventies
Learning from the masters
Means to an end
Levels of Unreality
Observations on Mural Design
The Mural Medium
Painting the Town Project

Produced in 2012 by Harmonie Press Format: A5, Pages 140, Price £11 incl UK P&P.

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