Painting The Town  Mural Painting in Britain 1970 to 1980

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A British Council Exhibition: Four sets toured 30 countries between 1980-1986

Introduction  The age-old tradition of painting the exterior of buildings has in recent years developed into a widespread and witty art form. Drab walls in cheerless industrial towns have been transformed with a fantastic variety of images historical, social, abstract, or purely decorative in intent. These paintings bring art to the people in the street and frequently involve the local community in their creation.

This exhibition offers a representative selection from the work of mural artists in Britain today, based on photographs and information supplied by Graham Cooper and Doug Sargent.

Section Headings include:
Identity Murals,
Pop = Fantasy Murals
Murals About Places
Abstract + Symbolic Murals.
Social = Political Murals

Painting The Town Set 1 Dates and Venues include:

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Emmen, Winterswijk, Tilburg November 1980 - January 1981
France: (no details of exact venues) January 1981 - July 1981
W.Germany: Technical University Berlin, Kunstverein Wolfsburg October 1981 - January 1982
Belgium & Luxemburg: Theatre Municipal Esch-s-Alzette, Schouwburg Kortrijk, Musee des Beaux Arts Mons March 1982 - June 1982 
W.Germany: (no details of exact venues) August 1982 - September 1982
Italy: Santa Scolastica Bari, Museo Civico di Bolzano, Capri October 1982 - May 1983
Bulgaria: Sofia June 1983
Yugoslavia: Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo, Faculty of Building Mostar July 1983 - November 1983
Austria: Voeklabruck, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna.December 1983 - July 1984
Stored in London then released to the Greenwich Mural Workshop London 1987

Painting The Town Set 2 Dates and Venues include:

Greece: British Council, Athens October 1980 - November 1980
Turkey: State Gallery Ankara, State Gallery Bursa, State Gallery Eskisehir, Municipal Art Gallery Istanbul January 1981 - March 1981
Israel: (no details of exact venues).May 1981 - July 1981
Cyprus: For Repairs July 1981 - October 1981
Jordan (no details of exact venues) October 1981 - November 1981
Spain: Barcelona, Terrassa etc January 1982 - August 1982
Mexico: National University, Mexico City etc September 1982 - March 1983
Venezuela: Ciudad Guayana May 1983 - August 1983
Colombia: Categena, Bogota September 1983 - October 1983
Brazil: Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife November 1983 - October 1984
Donated to College of Art Nova Scotia College of Art & Design Duke Street 5163 Halifax c/o Cathy Busby

Painting The Town Set 3 Dates and Venues include:

W.Germany: Bremen, Osnabruck October 1981 - December 1981 
Zambia: British Council Lusaka December 1981 - February 1982
Kenya: British Council Nairobi March 1982 - September 1982
Tunisia: Kusumu Gallerie de l' Information, Tunis October 1982 - November 1982
Morocco: (no details of exact venues) December 1982 - February 1983
Portugal: Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon, University of Minho Braga, Cooperativa Arvore Oporto March 1983 - June 1983 .
Sweden: Museum of Sketches Lund, Bild Museum Ulmea, Cultural Centre Pitea September 1983 - January 1984
Norway; Vigeland Museum Oslo, University of Trondheim, Dragvoll Ibsenhuset Skien Etc.
November 1984 W Germany University of Stuttgart March 1984 - September 1984
Donated to the University of Stuttgart City Town Planning Depot c/o Prof Epstein, Prof Buckman. March1988 

Painting The Town Set 4 Dates and Venues include:

Malaysia: February 1985
Proposed Itinerary:
Singapore: .April 1985 - May 1985
Indonesia; June 1985 - September 1985
Thailand; October 1985 - January 1986


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