Painting The Town

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The exhibition was launched at Bury Art Gallery in December 1977 and following an extensive UK tour ended at the Tate Gallery (see details) in March 1981

Panel introduction
For a country faced with problems like unemployment and housing shortage, exterior painting could be a deceptive luxury, a cosmetic treatment for slums and city centres condemned to decay by the grey forces of industry, commerce and municipal bureaucracy. Nevertheless, art with its power to personalise and bring to life our faceless cityscapes, is a resource too important to be left solely to galleries and museums.

External decoration of buildings after all has been a human activity from ancient Egypt and Pompeii, to Mexico and the U.S.A. in our own time. Tribal peoples all over the world express this evidently perennial drive by enhancing their dwellings with colour, pattern, symbols and scenes ~xpressing their response to life. Even the poorest tribesman, whether he decorates his own hut or gets it done by a friend, has more freedom with his surroundings, more license to invent and create than r- have millions of today's big city dwellers.

The exhibition includes examples of recent mural painting, the use of paint on buildings, commercial advertisements, and individualisation of properties by their owners. We hope that architects, planners, local authorities and artists will see in these activities the promise of a solution to problems that they are - or should be - concerned with, and that they will use the opportunities they have to help the arts more from the periphery towards the core of our lives. Thus we look on this exhibition as an arrow pointing to the future quite as much as a documentation of work already done.

Panels themes include:
Social Comment
Community Action
The Glasgow Murals
History of Technology
Historical Subjects

Painting the Town Tour Venues and Dates include:

Bury Art Gallery 17th December1977 – 14th January 1978
Birmingham Polytechnic 30th January - 14th February 1978
Middlesbrough Adult Education Centre 3rd March - 17th March 1978
Brighton - Gardner Art Centre 7th April - 6th May 1978
Oxford Polytechnic
Warwick University Library 20th May -9th June 1978
Rochdale Art Gallery 23rd June -15th July 1978
Darlington Art Gallery 31st July - 18th August 1978
Kidderminster Museum and Art Gallery 1st September - 23rd September 1978
Workington. Carnegie Arts Centre 7th October - 28th October 1978
London.RoyalCollege of Art 31st October - 11th November 1978
Builth Wells Wyside Arts Centre15th November - 2nd December 1978
St. Helens Museum & Art Gallery 16th December -13th January 1979
Scarborough. Crescent 27th January 1979
Norwich. Premises Art Centre 4th March 1979
Leicester Gallery 9 10th April 1979
Nottingham Brewhouse Yard Folk Museum 19th May 1979
Battersea Arts Centre London.23rd June 1979
Dundee Dudhope Arts Centre 28th July 1979
Leigh Furnpike 1st September 1979
London Polytechnic of Central London 8th October 1979
Rotherham Library 1Oth November 1979
Liverpool. Mersey Improved Houses Centre 22nd December 1979
Salisbury. St. Edmunds Art Centre 28th January 1980
Burnley Pendle Art Gallery
Luton Central Library November 1980
Earlsfield Library London
Tate Gallery13th January- 4th March 1981


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