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Graham Cooper (right) donating his Japanese Design books to Hamish Todd of the British Library.

An architect with a special link to Japan has donated a collection of slides, articles, books and video productions amassed over more than a decade to the British Library,

Graham Cooper received awards for his work in the country and was the architectural coordinator
of the Japan 2001 festival.

But when the Royal College of Art graduate returned to the UK, he
found there was a lack of understanding and awareness in the wealth of creativity then on display 
in Japan - so set out to share his knowledge.

Graham, originally from Lancashire but now a Sidmouth resident, said: "It covers a significant peak
period in the history of the Japanese construction industry.

"Containing over 3,000 photographic slides overall, the Project Japan collection features the work of over 100 artists and designers. " Project Japan was assembled between 1993 and 2007
Visit www.grahamcooper.com for more information.

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