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The concept for my proposals for the Japan-UK150 celebration is as follows;

Relations between Japan & UK based on shared knowledge, learning from past 150 years and looking forward. Celebrated are creative media, architecture and design for revitalising the city, the programme reflects future concerns for the quality of human habitation and its impact on natural resources.

Themes and Working Titles

1 Preservation and Restoration Reviving the Vibes, Marunouchi Re-invigorated

2 Health and Urban Living Community Health Care Design in Japan

3 Project Japan Book Forum and Launch Party

1 Preservation and Restoration

Title Reviving The Vibes - Marunouchi Re-invigorated

Josiah Conder and the Revival of Marunouchi. Main focus will be to revaluate the work and life of the father of the modern Japanese Architecture profession, who is scarcely known in his native country.

Key People Kisa Kawakami Design consultant Mitsubishi Estates, Prof. Hiroyuki Suzuki University of Tokyo

Venue Exhibition and lectures Embassy of Japan Date October 2009 (tbc. to coincide with the completion of Mitsubishi Ichigoukan.).

2 Health and Urban Living

Title Health Care Design in Japan

Health Care Design Forum including Care in the Community e.g. Barrier Free Homes for the Elderly, Tele-care including robotics and technology in the home!, Situation in Japan

Key People Prof Yasushi Nagasawa and Satoshi Ishii International Committee JIHA, John Cooper and Junko Iwaya Architects for Health,

Venue Embassy of Japan Date 4th September Autumn 2009

3 Transcending Boundaries - Concerning Contemporary Architecture..

Learning from current architectural practice in Japan, this forum will reflect on recent shared relationships across national borders in the context of increasing globalisation. Speakers to include UK based designers Takero Shimazaki and Ken Tani.

Key People. Takero Shimazaki, Ken Tani, Graham Cooper.

Venue Embassy of Japanese Date April 22nd 2009

JAPAN-UK 150 marks 150 years of friendship between Japan and the UK. and JICC are celebrating this with a series of Japan related events starting in September 2008 until the end of 2009.

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