Human Touch

HUMAN TOUCH Constructing a special form of art

“What an absolute triumph. It is the most beautiful production.”  William Pye Sculptor

A full colour introduction to art in relation to architectural space and public places, Human Touch features the work of many talented artists and designers throughout the UK. Documented and collated are art installations by numerous traditional masters, modern and contemporary fine artists. Included are applied artworks in important real life situations such as commemoration and health care, contributing to spiritual wellbeing and social cohesion. Mostly examples are located within the public domain, where art is located for the enjoyment of all. The book provides an art and architecture trail, spanning historic masterpieces from medieval churches through to the pioneering work of the modernists and beyond. 

Human Touch includes monumental art as a means of communication adopted by religious faiths for spiritual inspiration and commemoration. Pictorial evocation in the secular world provided a theatrical setting for imperial might and was adapted by leaders for propaganda purposes. Explored is how ornament and decoration has been transformed into a new form of material embellishment. Emphasised are the social aspirations of the modernists who sought to improve living standards and the quality of life in the “slum infested cities.” We can see the results of collaboration between practitioners engaged on urban renewal bringing innovation at a human scale into distressed neighbourhoods.

Book Review by Jeremy Woodward

Produced in 2015 by Harmonie Press Format: A4, Pages 216, Price £22 incl UK P&P.

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