Grand Parade

Grand Parade Art and Architectural Design in UK and Europe

A full colour introduction of art in relation to public places and architectural space, Grand Parade features the work of many artists from across Europe. Contained within are art installations by numerous traditional masters, modern and contemporary artists. The book provides a guided tour spanning historic masterpieces from Medieval France through to the pioneers of modernism and beyond. It includes a mix of contemporary architectural artworks ranging from street art to the Turbine Hall installations at the Tate Modern. Grand Parade follows in the footsteps of an earlier publication Project Japan which is a personal account of Architecture and Art Media from the Edo Period to the turn of the century. Aspiring to achieve a western version Grand Parade is assembled again from a perspective based on many years of practice and observation during travels across Europe.

Grand Parade encompasses many of the major themes relating to the “humanising force” of Fine Arts. Transforming the everyday scenery from wall painting to design for health care the over-arching narrative is art as produced in the context of the built environment. It describes a unity of the arts under the aegis of building and landscape, a unity which can create sustainable habitation for the future. In this book, art is the vehicle which brings beauty and delight to raise the spirits of the building’s users and public at large. Collated from photographs and papers by the author over a thirty five year career the publication is based on a personal journey. Commencing with a preface by Charles Jencks the introduction is followed by a comprehensive catalogue finishing with a number of short essays in the personal account section

Contents include:
Section 1 Monumental and Decorative Art
Section 2 Continental Modern in Context 
Section 3 Modern Fine Art in the UK
Section 4 Personal Account, articles, papers include:
Outside Art - Local Context
A&A Celebrating 25 years
The March of Tyranny
The New Agenda
The arts during a failing economy
Clouds gather over Architectural Design

Published by Harmonie Press 2013, Format: 210mm x 210mm Pages 266 Currently out of print

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