Capital Health Exhibition Programme


Exhibition and talks programme at the Building Centre, London,  Press Release as announced in HD Hospital Development

John Bacon, group director of delivery at the Department of Health officially opened the exhibition, which will run until 26 November, and which was curated by designer Graham Cooper. An excellent book has been published to accompany the exhibition. For more information, visit

Capital Health Seminars

A variety of expert seminars wee held at the Building Centre, London, covering design for healthcare.

Staged to coincide with the Building Centre's exhibition 'Capital Health', which showcases several major current London health projects, the seminars should raise key issues and provide an open forum for debate. They follow the official opening of the exhibition on the evening of Tuesday 11 October.

On the afternoon of 18 October a seminar entitled 'The Healing Space - how buildings can make you feel better' - will see architects discussing both the process behind, as well as the practical results of, healing design. Nigel Greenhill of Greenhill Jenner, Richard Mazuch of Nightingale Associates, Mungo Smith of MAAP Architects, Jonathan Wilson of David Morley, freelance designer Graham Cooper and Martin Sutcliffe of BDP make up what's sure to be a productive group. The evening of the 18 October sees a talk from eminent architect Charles Jencks on the pioneering Maggie's Centres, including a preview of the new centre at Charing Cross.

Other events in the pipeline include:

Evening of 20 October - Architects for Health will host a seminar on control of infection, covering single rooms, concepts such as barn theatres, and the design of materials.

Evening of 31 October - The London Arts in Health Forum debates the therapeutic role of hospital art. The controversial art project at the new UCH will be presented.

Evening of 8 November - The New Healthcare Architecture

Morning of 10 November - Evelina Children's Hospital (Hopkins Architects)

Morning of 17 November - From ACAD to BECaD (Claudia Bloom, Avanti Architects and David Powell, former head of development at Central Middlesex Hospital)

Afternoon of 21 November - Seminar - Optimising Design (Susan Francis, Future Healthcare Network, Paul Hyett, Ryder HKS, Joanna van Heyningen, van Heyningen & Hayward, Hilary Dalke, Designplus.

Evening of 22 November - The City Hospital and New Procurement Methods (John Cooper, Anshen Dyer, William McGill, Great Ormond Street)

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