Bury Archive Donation

Bury Art Museum and Library

A donation by Graham Cooper and Doug Sargent to the Bury Photographic Archives. (see Blog on archive)

Accommodated in the Art Museum in Bury, the Borough Archive contains over 30 tons of documents, maps plans and photographs available for public inspection. The archive holds numerous major collections of national importance including documents representing archaeology, architecture and social history. The Bury archive website offers free online access to their catalogue. In order to preserve the film for future generations, the photographic archive material is kept in climate controlled conditions.  The photographs are stored according to national archive guidelines which mean black and white negatives, and prints in good condition can be expected to last well over 100 years.

The bulk of our donation consists of high quality “Kodachrome” slides which due to digitisation are no longer available and have become historic items. For the benefit of future researchers, the author has prepared a five page spreadsheet numbering the individual slides while including details, where possible, on each individual image. The eight-column spread is sorted into locations and organised under the various types of artefacts. For publication purposes the author has edited the details which are to be found in the new image website.

See https://buryarchivesonline.co.uk/

Also see Sense of Place and Transient Town publications


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