Celebrating 25 Years


1st August-1st November.2007  The Building Centre London

 Introduction Panel

For twenty-five years, Art & Architecture has been debating and influencing the role of art, design and building, ever since its inception at a landmark ICA conference in 1982. Rallying and empowering practitioners, it has been advocating joined-up thinking, from a time when architectural debate was exclusively for architects, and art was much less accessible than it is today. To date A&A has presented 200 open talks and sixty journals, a considerable achievement for groundbreaking volunteers.

Applying the principal of art practice at the forefront of innovation, A&A promotes the collective approach as the vehicle to new challenges such as a low carbon society and "restorative" ecological design. To this end subjects for recent public discussion have featured Design for Climate Change, Architecture for Humanity, Arts & Ecology, Critical Modernism. Speakers included Ken Shuttleworth, Michaela Crimmin RSA, Sunand Prasad RIBA, Charles Jencks - see over.

The Pentagram connection. A significant factor in the ability of A&A to gain recognition for its activities is the support from international design agency Pentagram. It was Theo Crosby and John Rushworth in particular who designed the identity of the network, in addition to producing lecture publicity, brochures and other ephemera. This display of posters highlights the fruits of the partnership. The Royal College of Art Library now holds the complete Art & Architecture archive available for viewing by appointment.

Join the Debate. A&A is now looking for new team members to take the events and website programme forward. Should you be interested in joining please come contact A&A 70 Cowcross Street EC1

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