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Art & Architecture lead the way with Next Generation forum

The founding of Art and Architecture in 1982 heralded a new spirit of collaboration between artists and architects Since it was established following the ICA conference in London , Art & Architecture has established itself as the pioneering and leading advocate for the creative involvement of artists within architecture and construction programme. Twenty years on, we have a diversity of relationship and issues such as the role of creative practitioners working in urban redevelopment and the development of cross-boundary, multidisciplinary task forces are ever more pervasive and relevant. The question is how can we build upon the successful years of campaigning and deliver a purposeful level of innovation and integration for the next generation. The artists of the future will be highly motivated with different expectations and ambitions. The key for Art & Architecture is to provide an infrastructure for artists to open the door beyond the existing process of commissioning. To achieve this it will need to discover new resources and to form partnerships with other like minded professional organisations. The signs are positive:

Jon Rouse, Chief Executive of CABE UK states, "There is a growing danger, in the midst of modern procurement processes, that the delight factor in architecture is being suffocated by measurement methods that favour only tangible impacts. The artist and the architect are in the vanguard of the small number of troops still looking for space to create surprise, excitement and reflection within our built environment. Art and Architecture will remain the banner under which to rally."

The Next Generation Forum a series of public events in Bristol, Manchester , Tate Britain and RIBA London some of the biggest names in the business celebrated achievements but with an eye on contemporary best practise and future trends. Art & Architecture organised this national event to raise awareness and to determine an appropriate way to encourage and service this important aspect of the creative industries. By definition Art & Architecture aims to transcend boundaries and so the theme for the forums were to promote a collaborative approach to improving our surroundings. How do we together achieve a better quality environment, where are we now, where do we wish to go and how do we get there? In this spirit, the forums and especially the Tate Britain evening were an opportunity to present leading opinion formers. The brief for the debate was to deal with trends for future direction and to speculate on proposed models of practice. Each participant was invited to freely express their views, desires and most constructive or contentious thoughts about the future relationship between artists and architects . Some of these themes with an emphasis upon approaches and aspirations for art and architecture in the 21st century were expressed in a series of quick-fire presentations

The Next Generation Forum covered a variety of architect-artist interfaces, the role and value of these collaborations. The emphasis however was on the panel members individual vision and preferences, to project into the future by putting out markers as a means to charter progress. The Next Generation Forum uncovered many questions; can the assisted marriage between artists and architects ever be satisfactorily reached, - with such egos is it wise to even be attempt? Is it forever elusive an inequality implicit in the hierarchy of the design process preventing fruitful consummation. Can urban design professions learn anything from artists applying their hand to improving our surroundings or is the artists' usefulness confined to unlocking access and support of local communities trapped in previous utopian nightmares.. Is the individual artist able to be an urban designer, to play a part of the team and be trusted to impose their personal vision on the public realm?. Are architects qualified to make their own 'Art statements', is architecture the "New Art"? Each participant expressed their own opinion on the success and failures and a host of other topics:

The UK boasts many great innovators and lateral thinkers and open networks such as A&A allow access to a rich seam of these skills. A&A offers a direct and open portal to grass root practitioners many of whom eager and passionate to make their mark. The country also has many fine education establishments and a vibrant youth culture, yet the ambitions of many emerging talents remain thwarted from making a meaningful and sustained contribution to the community. A huge waste of national resource and natural talent which A&A in a modest way is trying to redress. With the turn of the millennium came new hopes and aspirations of a climate of collaboration for a better quality environment - within this reality where do we go now and what is the future role of Art & Architecture.? At the eve of the Internet age we wish to extrapolate on how artist can facilitate an extra layer of value added quality into the community and building process..

Next Generation Programme

1 Bristol
Speakers Chair Mark Dunhill UWE, Architects, David Caird Ferguson Mann Architects, Artists John Maine, Peter Fink, Art2Architecture., Jonathan Mosley + Sophie Warren, Architect Hans Klaentschi Venue The Architecture Centre Narrow Quay Bristol BS1 4QA Date Tuesday 9th April 2

Manchester  Speakers Artists Graham Parker, Lorna Green, Peter Senior, Terry Eaton, Franz Otto Novotny&Tanja Jager , Architects Ian Banks, Alistair Sutherland Austin Smith Lord. , Jim Chapman Chairman Venue CUBE 113-115 Portland Street Manchester M1 6FB Date Wednesday 10th April 3

Tate Britain Speakers were Chair Richard Cork , Sir Richard MacCormac, Charles Jencks , John Rouse,, Susanna Heron, Kathryn Findlay, David Mach, Pierre d'Avoine, Hugh Pearman Venue: Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain Millbank London SW1 Date Wednesday 17th April

4 London Wayforward RIBA Forum
Speakers artists David Tremlett, Ben Johnson, Mark Davey Future Cities , Peter Fink Art2Architecture, Jason Prior EDAW tbc, Tai Mode 1, John Lyall, Ian Sharrat of PRS Architects, Ben Heywood, Chair Dennis Sharp, . Venue RIBA 66 Portland Place Wed 8th May

Sponsored By CABE, Arts Council of England, North West Arts and Joanna Scott PR

Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture aims are to encourage people with a range of artistic skills and experience to work together to improve our surroundings and the quality of life. To promote creative exchange and collaboration across the disciplines and professional divide. The achievements of Art & Architecture are remarkable. A&A is an independent voluntary association of committed practitioners who have assembled successful record of regular public lectures by leading practitioners. To date it has produced 56 issues of an outstandingly journal, and has recently establishes a most useful and informative web site, which within ten months of its launched, has attracted 40,000 visitors. (please visit )

As the first and largest organisation of its kind, A&A has worked over the past two decades to enable a closer dialogue and collaboration and help raise public awareness and critical debate. Art & Architecture, with its expanding grass root network of members, offers a genuine alternative channel of communications, which is both transparent and inclusive, in the areas of community action, regeneration and redevelopment. For the future Art & Architecture has great ambitions and aspirations, and intends to remain as a significant figurehead, not only promoting creative and innovative design opportunities but also to sustain high standards to create a more stimulating and imaginative built environment. In an ever changing world A&A is constantly searching for new ways forward., hence the Next Generation Forum. .


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