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Organised by A&A with an emphasis upon approaches and aspirations for art and architecture in the 21st century, the Next Generation Forum was a series of national public events in Bristol, Manchester, Tate Britain and RIBA London. They were an opportunity for conjecture with a brief to explore, speculate and propose future directions and desired models of practice. The emphasis was on the speakers¹ individual vision and preferences, to celebrate contemporary achievements, to charter progress and to project trends. Each participant was invited to freely express their views and opinions on the success and failures of the past together with their constructive or contentious thoughts about the ongoing relationship between artists and architects. In this spirit, A&A aimed to transcend boundaries and to promote a collaborative approach to improving our surroundings and achieve a better quality built environment and natural landscape.

Next Generation Forum at Tate Events to mark 20th Anniversary of Art & Architecture

Next Generation Art & Architecture lead the way forward with the Next Generation Forum

Next Generation Summary


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