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Reality / Projection 16 Young Japanese Architects October to November 2001

This is first fully interactive DVD exhibition in the UK from which visitors will experience a taste of contemporary home life in Japan. Sixteen leading architects (30 to 50years) have produced recordings of their own living spaces and housing schemes they have designed. The aim is to present the layers of Japanese culture, to reveal "real" actual lives of these younger Japanese architects and the urban conditions in which they live and operate. The architectural statements are a personal account of their own private realm and of their individual design aspirations, projected into the outside world or the cities in which they live. Each of these personalised presentations lasts 8minutes and the DVD media allows the visitors to engage with the production according to the viewer's own preferences and in a sequence of their choice. Participants are expected to remove their shoes and from the comfort of a traditional tatemi mat floor using playstation2 shown on the latest Sony Triniton TVs they can experience the event as the priviledge guest of the architect. As an added dimension 4x4 is the first architectural exhibition to be shown simultaneously in four separate locations in Bristol, Glasgow, London and Manchester. In addition to the DVD personal essays all sixteen architects come in waves of four to present their personal insight. There are to be a series of four forums held at the RIBA Architecture Centre and each architect will present a lecture at one of the four venues. Please visit the exhibition web site http:// www.thelighthouse.org.uk/4x4

The sixteen architects featured in the exhibition are:


Kengo Kuma (1954) http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/~kuma/

Tadasu Ohe (1954) http://www.plantec.co.jp

Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama (1954)

Makoto Sei Watanabe (1952) http://www.makota-architect.com


Kazuhiro Kojima (1958) http://www.rs.noda.sut.ac.jp/~koji_lab/

Norihiko Dan (1956) http://www.archinet.co.jp/dan/

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (1965) & Momoyo Kaijima(1968) Atelier Bow Wow

Hiroshi Naito (1950).


Hotoshi Abe (1962) http://www.2.odn.ne.jp/aak47310/index2.html

Masaharu Takasaki (1950)

Shigeru Ban (1957)

Ken Yokogawa (1948 http://www.kenyokogawa.co.jp


Jun Aoki (1956)

Kazuyo Sejima (1956)

Shinichi Ogawa (1955 http://www1.odn.ne.jp/ogawa01

Atsushi Kitagawara (1951) http://www.kitagawara.co.jp

Curators Dr Kisho Kurokawa & Kengo Kuma UK Curator Dennis Sharp UK Co-ordinator graham cooper Dates: 9th October - 30November 2001

Venues The Bristol Architecture Centre, the Lighthouse Glasgow, RIBA Architecture Gallery and Cube Manchester.

Sponsor This exhibition has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of the SONY Corporation of Japan.

Catalogue A fully illustrated catalogue with a DVD is available at the venues and RIBA Bookshop.£19.95 (or purchased from Book Art 12 Woburn Walk Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0JL £19.95 + postage.)


4x4 - Forums Venue RIBA 66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD Contact RIBA Architecture Gallery Information Line t: 020 7307 3699

Wave 1Forum includes Kengo Kuma Tadasu Oe, Makoto Sei Watanabe,Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama Dates; 4pm Tuesday 9th October 2001

Wave 2 Forum includes Hiroshi Naito, Kazuhiro Kojima, Norihiko Dan, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto & Ms Momoyo Kaijima Date 6.30pm Monday 15th October

Wave3 Forum includes Shigeru Ban, Ken Yokogawa, Hitoshi Abe, Masaharu Takasaki Date 6.30pm Monday 29th October

Wave 4 Forum includes; Jun Aoki, Kazuyo Sejima Shinichi Ogawa, Atsushi Kitagawara. Date 6.30pm Wednesday 28th November 2001

4x4 - Lectures London RIBA Lecture at 6.30pm Tuesday 9th October Kengo Kuma Venue RIBA 66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD Contact RIBA Architecture Gallery Information Line t: 020 7307 3699

London Joint RIBA Architecture Centre & Building Centre Trust Lectures commence at 6.30pm Dates are; 16th October Hiroshi Naito & Kazuhiro Kojima , 30th October Ken Yokogawa, 29th November Kazuyo Sejima & Jun Oaki Venue The Building Centre Trust 26 Store Street London WC1E 7BT Contact Cheryl Knights Building Centre Trust 0207 692 6209


Evening Lectures by Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama 8th October , Yoshiharu Tsukamoto & Ms Momoyo Kaijima 16th October, Masaharu Takasaki 30th October, Kazuyo Sejima 27th November. Venue The Architecture Centre Narrow Quay Bristol BS1 4QA Contact: Mark Pearson t: 0117 922 1540


Evening Lectures by Makoto Sei Watanabe 8th October, Hitoshi Abe 30th October, Shinichi Ogawa 27th November. Venue The Lighthouse 11Mitchell Lane Glasgow G13NU

Contact: Leonie Bell t: 0141 225 8403

Manchester . Evening Lectures by visiting architects are Tadasu Ohe 8th October, Norihiko Dan16th October* (School of Arch M/C Univ.*), Shigeru Ban 30th October, Atsushi Kitagawara 27th November Venue CUBE 113-115 Portland Street Manchester M1 6FB Contact: CUBE t: 0161 237 5525 e: info@cube.org.uk www.cube.org.uk.  


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